Memorial Benches


Due to the number of memorial benches in Arnside, it was decided at the February 2020 Parish Council Meeting that a moritorium on accepting applications would be put in place with effect from 1 March 2020 and until further notice.  This will continue whilst the Council reviews the current position and decides upon future approach.  

Arnside Parish Council own and maintain a number of public benches in Arnside.

These are situated around the village but particularly along the promenade, on the pier and on the playing field.

The majority of benches are sponsored for 10 years as memorial benches in memory of loved ones.  If you wish to sponsor a memorial bench please be aware that there are only limited locations available.  Please contact the Clerk for further information.

Memorial Bench application form

The Council maintains benches on an annual rota.  If you wish to report any damage to a bench please contact the Clerk 

Arnside benches and their locations