Council Members

Arnside Parish Council currently has vacancies for members.  Please contact us if you would like to apply for co-option or would like to know more about becoming a Councillor.

Notice of Vacancy - July 2017

Members Responsibilities

Members represent the Council on a number of different local groups and are given key specialist areas of interest within the Council.  These responsibilities are listed here.  Members Responsibilities 2016  

Current Members

Please contact members using the details below if you have any matters concerning Arnside that you would like to raise


George Taylor:-  
Responsible for; Footpaths, Contractor, HR, Community Group Liaison, Playing Field
APC representative on: AONB Executive and Joint Parishes Committee

 Cllr George Taylor
   20 Kings Close Arnside LA5 0DU   
  Tel: 01524 761899  
   Declared interests  (SLDC site)  
Vice Chair Peter Smillie:- 
Responsible for; Highways, Public Transport , HR
APC Representative on; Cumbria Association of Local Councils(CALC), CALC South Lakeland District Committee, Arnside Parish Plan Trust 

  49, Silverdale Rd, Arnside,   
  Tel: 01524 762341  
  Declared interests and training (SLDC site)  
Pat Clifford:-  Responsible for; Allotments, Tree Preservation, Police Liaison, Public Conveniences
APC Representative on; Local Area Partnership (LAP), Beetham Exhibition Trust, Arnside Parish Plan Trust, Morecambe Bay Partnership 
   Sunnycote, 39 Silverdale Rd, Arnside, LA5 0AJ  
  Tel: 01524 762065  
  Declared Interests (SLDC site)  
 Clive Christensen:-

Responsible for: Playing field, Foreshore

APC representative on; Beetham Exhibition Trust, Burton in Kendal Foundation

  Lawrence House, 57 Redhills Road, Arnside, LA5 0AU  
  Tel:01524 761393  
  Declared Interests (SLDC site)   
Helen Chaffey    
  6, Ashmeadow Road, Arnside, LA5 0AE  
  Tel: 01524 762395  
  Declared Interests (SLDC site)  
Alex Hartley    picture coming soon
  10, BLack Dyke Rd, Arnside, LA5 0HH  
  Tel: 07767 058857  
  Declared Interests (SLDC site)  

 Members' Registered Interests

A register of interests declared by members is published by SLDC at: