Arnside Cemetery

IMPORTANT : Maintenance of Graves

The removal and disposal of Christmas wreaths and decorations from all areas of the cemetery will commence during the first week of February.
If any grave owner/relative wishes to retain their decorations, please remove by 31st January, 2019.

Brenda Brockbank, Cemetery Officer 

Arnside Cemetery is situated on Silverdale Rd in Arnside.

Details of Cemetery services and charges 2019 can be found here

For all enquiries please contact:

Please note - Staff work part time hours. Please contact during normal office hours and if no one is available leave a message clearly stating your name and number and someone will return your call as soon as they are available.

Brenda Brockbank, The Cemetery Officer on 01524 762471
Anne-Marie Cade, The Clerk, St Johns Cross Cottage, Sandside, Milnthorpe, LA7 7HX
Tel: 01524 574584
 Purchasing a Grave
The exclusive rights of burial can be purchased for a full grave plot or a cremation plot for a 100-year period.  It is important to note that the right to bury in a grave is purchased and not the land itself, which remains in the ownership of the council.
At the end of the 100 year period the rights to the grave revert to Arnside Parish Council. 
the grave may not be opened/re-opened for burial or interment of ashes without your permission
a memorial may be fixed on the grave and altered or added to only with your permission
Purchases can take place through your chosen funeral director or through the Cemetery contacts.  Please refer to our published charges.
Unpurchased graves
These are graves where no rights to the grave have been purchased i.e. there is no right to use the grave for further interments and a permanent memorial may not be erected.